BCAFM Farmers' Market Membership

BCAFM Farmers' Market Membership

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BCAFM Farmers' Market Membership is annual and the membership year starts on April 1st and ends on March 31st in the following year.

All renewals and re-applications for BCAFM Farmers' Market Membership are subject to ongoing eligibility and acceptance by the BCAFM in accordance with BCAFM bylaws and policy as applicable.

The following Farmers' Market Membership fee categories are based on whichever of the following criteria is the greatest:
- average number of vendors per market OR
- total number of vendor members in your society/organization per year

Membership Fee Categories:
* 4-20 Vendors ($200)
* 21-60 Vendors ($250)
* 61 Vendors and over ($300)

Additional Farmers' Market Locations
Farmers' Market Members operating eligible farmers' markets in more than one location will pay an additional $50.00 fee per market location. Note, one winter farmers' market location is included in the standard membership fees.